About Us

2nd Chance Outreach Board members

Our Vision

“We are not trying to make them choose, We are trying to give them choices”- William H. Pierce, CEO.

Members of the community attending a 2nd Chance Outreach event

Our Mission

Through the arts, individuals and the community will gain knowledge on abuse (physical, mental, verbal, sexual, etc), chemical dependency and the influence of gangs. They will also gain knowledge on self-esteem, positive communication skills, healthy family environment, and healthy relationships healthy living.

Founder and CEO William Pierce for 2nd Chance Outreach

Board of Directors

William H. Pierce 


We want to make a change – a change in the lives of those who were discouraged or disappointed by past mistakes and/or their current situation, circumstance or status. I've wanted to make a statement to the people, a statement that would inform people that all is not lost.  In 2010, 2nd Chance Outreach was created to entertain, educate, inspire, encourage and motivate adults and youth to develop positive family relationships and promote community growth bringing to life our slogan, Using Art Form to Transform

Additional members:

Doris M. Green, JD


Independent Consultant

dhMitchell & Associates

Kelly V. Robinson, RN


Research Nurse

Westat Research/Rise, Inc.

Clyde Brotherson, MHA


Faculty, School of Nursing

Director, Healthcare Partnership, C3 Fellows Minneapolis College